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Facility Equipment

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


Al-Sadeer has an on-site Clinical ChemistryAnalyzer, (Cormy BS-200) which helps to measure  different chemical and biological samples quickly and efficiently. This analyzer helps protect the health and safety of the Health Care staff with its featured closed tube sampling which assists in the prevention of direct exposure to the samples. Samples processed through the analyzer can be placed in batches or singly. This analyzer equipment can perform up to 200 tests per hour. The results are shown automatically on a computer screen and with printed results. The full capacity of the analyzer holds 40 samples for 40 tests. This automated process is managed by our medical technicians who evaluate and verify the results.



Mini VIDAS® Analyzer


Our mini VIDAS® is used for the testing of hormones and viruses. These automated immunoassay tests are reliable and economical. The mini VIDAS® system has a built-in computer, keyboard and printer. There are two independent sections with each accepting up to seven (7) tests and can process up to 14 samples simultaneously.


The touch screen panel control panel allows for ease of use for the performance of the requested test on the samples. Sample testing for patients can be batched or performed as a single sample testing.



Hematology Analyzer


Hematology Analyzers are used as certain diseases states are defined by an absolute increase or decrease in the number of a particular type of cell in the bloodstream. Abnormally high or low counts may indicate the presence of many forms of disease, and hence blood counts are one of the most commonly performed blood tests in medicine, as they can provide an overview of a patient's general health status. The hematology analyzer measures the following:


Red Blood Cells (RBC)

White Blood Cells (WBC)

PlateletsThe results may show deferential which may indicate:

Neutrophil granulocytes- may indicate bacterial infections

Monocytes – may be raised in bacterial infection, tuberculosis, or malaria

Lymphocytes – if higher may indicate viral infection or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Can be

decreased by HIV infection.


The testing capacity of this analyzer provides the testing of 60 samples per hour which is faster than most systems used to measure these types of tests.



Audiometer – Manual


Features of the Ambco Pure Tone Manual Audiometer: Portable, light weight Easy to use tone switch can easily perform and document the audiometry reports. Extremely accurate Pulsed tone Custom carrying bag Patient response Meets or exceeds ANSI S3.6 1989, (ASA 81-1989) ISO 389-1985, C.H.D.P, O.S.H.A, E.P.S.D.T. F.A.A., Police, Divers, requirements. Our audiometer is calibrated to American National Standard Z24.5-1951, will be used to determine hearing acuity with or without a hearing aid of value not greater than 30dB.


Titmus V2 TNO Occupational Model


Al-Sadder utilize vision testing by using Titmus II vision tester. Our result will comply with the TITMUS VISON TESTING REPORT.


Tests will include the following:


1. Visual Acuity – Far & Near

2. Color Perception – Ability to distinguish 5 to 6 digits.

3. Vertical Phoria

4. Lateral Phoria

5. Horizontal Visual Field

6. Muscle Balance


The Titmus V2 vision screening instrument features a compact lightweight foldable design for ease of handling, ergonomic design for patient comfort, standardized test illumination and an integrated handle for ease of transport.



Spectrophotometer- PD 303


At a range of low cost and hostile environment, basic spectrophotometers for teaching and quality control applications. The device has high quality,

reliability and performance. With measuring chamber and wavelength display menu to manage and retains an accurate values. Many chemical and enzymatic reactions change color over time, and spectrophotometers are very useful for measuring these changes.



Mobile X-Ray Device


The DynaRad HF-110A and Phantom portable units are being used worldwide in diverse settings such as home health care, rural hospitals, private practices, sports facilities, correctional facilities, cruise ships, ski lodges, morgues and U.S. military applications. Meeting the challenges that transcend the most

demanding mobile radiology programs found in the U.S. and the world required more than the lightweight construction and limited support stands typically offered in portable units. DynaRad took on the challenge to design a robust frame construction to withstand heavy use. The units fold into a small, self-contained package that can be set-up easily. The ability to fold the unit is extremely important to meet the need to reach non-ambulatory patients out of

the hospital environment.The user-friendly control allows the operator to obtain diagnostic images under primitive conditions.


The HF-110A and Phantom portables are easily maneuverable around beds and other obstacles. The design criteria for the DynaRad portables called for extensive, effortless movement of the tube arm to ease positioning in situations with limited space.


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